Friday, August 21, 2009

Back on the Blogging Wagon you remember me? I hope you do! What a summer it has been! Our family has gone through some changes lately...not bad, but lots of changes.
Which, I will get to in the next few blogs. :)
I think the last time I really blogged was in May so I have the entire summer to cover. The kids were able to visit quite a few grandparents this summer which was very exciting for them. I really hate that they have school all year and then daycare all summer. I want them to have time to just veg out and do nothing...sleep til noon...stay in pajamas all day. So, thankfully all the grandparents kicked in and we had very little daycare time this summer. We had a few outings on Uncle E and Aunt Sissy's boat. JD and I have decided that we need a boat.
Not WANT...but NEED. LOL.

The girls and I went to the Jonas Bros concert. SO.MUCH.FUN. I think we have found our thing to do together. I guess I listen to that music so much that I actually have a really good time when we go. We laughed, ate, spent a small fortune on tshirts. But, the fun part is that they are still talking about it and that makes it worth every penny.

JD is still in Arkansas, so lots of our time was spent playing around with him while he was home or us traveling to Arkansas to see him. We were able to get lots done on our 6 year project (also known as our house) :) Next time we rehab a house we need to remember to start one project at a time.

I'm offically addicted to Facebook. It's sad, and I might need help. :) Maybe its just the feeling it gives me to rekindle old friendships. I love that feeling. I love knowing how everyone is doing. I love that I'm getting to know people I didn't know very well in high school. Lynn and I were able to meet up with our friend Tricia a few weeks ago and we spent HOURS just talking and laughing. I didn't want to leave, but I'm pretty sure that waitress was ready for us to get our hineys out of her booth! I've spent the last 8 years submerged in mommyhood, which is wonderful, but its been fun now that they are a little older and I'm able to have some me time.

All in all, we had a pretty good summer. Lots of decisions were made and I realized that being an adult is hard! LOL!!!! I'll update more this week on all our big decisions. Most of you might think we are a little crazy, but its been a tough few years and its just taken a while to sort out.

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