Monday, August 24, 2009

Decisions...being an adult is hard!

As I mentioned before, lots of decisions have been made in the Beene house. Our family has been in limbo for almost 2 years and it was time it came to an end. Although we aren't able to end the situation immediately, we are making steps to remedy this.

Unfortunately, when we moved to Arkansas the first time we did it in a bit of a rush. I was so dang excited to get back home that I'm not sure I thought the entire situation through. So, as most things turn out when you don't plan, it didn't work and the kids and I headed back to Dallas. JD has been working at Arkansas Children's Hospital this entire time and that is going really well. So, we decided to plan a little better and bite the bullet. We are moving back...again.

The really crappy part to all this is that the kids went ahead to start school and I didn't get to go with them. Daddy is running the show and doing a great job at it if I might add. The kids LOVE LOVE LOVE daycare and school. We are so pleased with it all. Couldn't be any happier.

Dumb Mommy didn't think about the humidity in the air and my dang lens wouldn't stop fogging up, but here is all 3 monkies before we walked in.

Lu was the first to be dropped off...she was EXCITED!

Next was Jake who was equally excited, but trying to look very cool for the sweet honey sitting in front of him flashing him a smile.

There are no classroom pictures of Taylor. I made the mistake of asking her if I could take one and I got a big fat no! So, since I asked I had to comply. Another dumb mommy mistake. Never ask! I'll remember next year!

Our plan is for me to hang out here in Dallas until the first of the year and then I'll make the transition. We still have lots of "planning" to do as far as work for me and selling the house. Until then I get daily phone call updates and I will either come see them in AR on the weekends or they will come here. Let me tell you, I HATE this, but we are going to make the work. My family is my life not having them near me makes me feel like I've abandoned them. Overall they seem happy and our weekends are full of hugs, snuggling, and smooching. I have never lived alone and my focus has always been the caretaker of my family and now its just me...and I'm bored out of my friggin mind. :) But, who knows, maybe this will be good for me.

With this change I'm also considering a career change. I've been an Executive Assistant for about 10 years. At one time I loved it. Well, I'm pretty much over it now. LOL. Don't get me wrong. My bosses are EXCEPTIONAL and this company is safe and so family accommodating, but I just feel like I'm missing something. I feel like I've spent all this time making sure my executives look good and they are successful, but now its time for me to do those things for myself. I have a few ideas running around in my head of what I would like to do. Some are dreams and some are the reality of making $$ to pay bills, but until I settle on one thing, I'll keep those to myself. Half the time I feel like the crazy lady that can't make up her mind. My problem is when I think I speak. This drives JD crazy...I talk too much and he doesn't talk enough.

My blog might take a bit of a turn since I'll be trying to figure out what to do daily with myself. I plan on starting a fitness bootcamp next month and I'm really excited about that. During my first week alone I decided to cook more and try my best not to live on fast food or chips! When I turned 35 my speedy metabolism got lost, momma's got to get that under control! HA! So, I've been trying new things. Some have turned out great and some not so great. Tonight is fried chocolate pie night. So not on the healthy train...but toot toot I'm jumping off for some chocolate fried pies. While I eat these I'll thing fondly about my Mawmo who knew these were my favorite and made them for me anytime I asked. This will help take away any and all guilt I may have for eating myself into a chocolate coma.

I'll keep you all updated on my not so stable life. LOL. Until then...


  1. Promise me we will see each other when you get back! Where are you going to be living when you get here? I hope the big M! =) I excited for you and all the changes that are coming. I know it is hard to be away from the fam, but it won't be forever and will be worth it in the long run. The good thing is Dallas is not that far away and the plane ride is just an hour. Nice to be able to get to them if you really wanted/needed to! Hugs!

  2. I promise Leigh Ann...and I mean it!

    We will be living in Maumelle, the kids started school out there so we are committed! ;) I'm so excited about this move. Just need to keep myself busy until I'm there too.

  3. Oh Tracy, I feel for you. It would be really hard to be away from your family, but I feel that there are some really good things that will come from your new situation. I'm so glad that the kids like their school and daycare. :) I hope that you are able to leave limbo mode soon. HUGS to you!