Friday, September 18, 2009

More bootcamp, a phone call and my family is heading home!

Day 2 of my boot camp went much better than day 1. Wednesday's class was lots of cardio and weight training. I would have updated this yesterday except I couldn't move my right arm. PAIN! :) Today is better...a little. Saturday wraps up my first week and we will be doing cardio and toning focusing on abs, which is what I need! I felt like I kept up on Wednesday and was proud of how I managed to make it through it all without passing out although my limbs were shaking at several points. I've done pretty well with my eating, but I do need to find something else to eat besides chix and green beans.
On a good note. I'll share this info with my Beenestalkers since the blog is private. I received a call yesterday from a position I had applied for in Little Rock on Sept 3. Spent about 15 minutes on the phone with the CFO and I feel like it went really well. He told me he was impressed with my resume and my level of skill and executive management that I have supported. Cross your fingers. I had not planned to leave Dallas before the end of the year, but if this turns out like he said it might then it would be worth going ahead and making the move. He said I was on "the list" whatever that means and I would hear from him in the next week or so. Hopefully he calls back! We will see.
The best part of my day is JD and the kids are heading to Texas after work/school. 1030pm can't get here fast enough. I think we are going to see Cloudy with a chance of meatballs at some point. Uncle E and Aunt Sissy have invited us over for Ribs on Saturday night...and boy am I excited about that! Still haven't figured out if ribs are on my nutrition plan or not. But, either way, I'm allowed one not so great meal a week and this will be it. I can't pass up these ribs...they are goooood.
Hope all of you are having a good week!!


  1. YAY for the phone interview. Lets talk about learning to make fish.... And, eat the ribs. They are not great for you but not the worse thing you could do. Its not guacamole. (I will be mentioning the guacamole in every comment I make)

  2. I will be keeping my fingers crossed about the job. I HOPE it works out. I know that would be so much easier on you being with the rest of the Beene's. Our boot camp instructor gives us an entire cheat day on Sunday, so I hope you ate those ribs and enjoyed every bite. I'm really getting strict on my diet too. It is SO STINKIN' HARD!

  3. Good luck on the job prospect Tracy! I am so proud of you for your decision to go to bootcamp. As you know I am a big advocate for the good ole bootcamp. Keep your chin up and have fun with your kids and hubby! Ash and I went to see that movie in 3D and loved it!