Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mr. Mom

It's amazing how uneventful my life is without my kids. I live each week thinking only 4 more days until I see them again. Each week is a countdown. If I didn't have my boot camp to keep me busy 2 of those nights I might go stir crazy. What I need to be doing is getting off my tv watching hiney those other two nights and getting that house decluttered so we can put it on the market!
I have to brag on JD a little bit. Let's be honest...I had my doubts about how him having the kids full time was REALLY going to work. I'm a bit of a control freak (I know...some of you are so shocked! HA) He's always been a very attentive daddy - always interested and involved with whatever the kids might be up to. I called him fun Daddy. While he was having fun I was nagging mommy. I pretty much did everything myself..not because he wouldn't help, but because I liked it that way. He wouldn't do things my way or on my time line, so I'd just rather do it all. This situation with me being here and the kids being in AR with him might have been a good thing. Don't get me wrong, I still hate this. But, I've been able to let go a little and let him show me what he can do...after all he is their daddy and is capable of handling the situation, I just never gave him the chance. He's also been able to see that there is a method to my madness - why I do the things I do. It's been good for both of us. He's managed to keep the kids health, alive, and happy. I joked with him about all my free time and he said he's got about 15 minutes of free time after all the chores are done at night. Poor thing. :) I'm hoping that once we are all under the same roof, I can continue to let go some of that control. Who knew there would be a silver lining to this situation?

K...now for my boot camp update. Today I feel like I am 72 years old, maybe even 73. I've already been made fun of in the office for limping around. Overall it's going great. I love it...can't wait to go...that was until yesterday. I had a busy day at work and was a little frustrated and not really looking forward to going. I really just wanted to go run through Arby's drive thru and head to my couch. But, I went. I struggled the entire class. Couldn't catch my breath. Couldn't keep up. Couldn't do those dang arm movements with the footwork...seriously, when did I become so uncoordinated. I've been discouraged also because somehow in this process I've gained 5lbs. My sweet husband told me that he's sure it's just muscle. I hope to goodness it is. I've been eating 90% the way I should. I do fall off the wagon, but not bad and not often. Overall my eating habits have improved by leaps and bounds. Before this, I literally would go days with snacking and maybe eating one decent meal. No wonder my metabolism went AWOL. I know I'll be fine. 3 more weeks to go. I plan on signing up for the next round. By Christmas I hope to be lean again. Those mirrors in the workout room remind you of why you are there. I'm convinced they have those carnival mirrors in there that make you look a little wider than you really are. Where are the skinny mirrors when you need them?? :)

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