Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Catching up

If anyone is actually still reading this I'll be surprised. I feel like I live in my office and on Interstate 30 traveling back and forth from Dallas to Little Rock which leaves little time for blogging. I can't tell you how many times I've said to myself "today is the day...I'm going to blog" but next thing I know I'm wrapped up in something else.
Quick update on the Beene clan:
Taylor: Miss thing got her braces on Oct 29 and let me tell you she looks as if she's aged 5 years. I'm not ready for her to grow up.
Jakob: He has started wrestling in Maumelle and loves it. He's a strong little sucker and at 8 is ripped with muscles head to toe. His first meet is tentatively Dec 5. I can't wait!
Lulu: Lu is just Lu! She's constantly singing a song or making up a scene for the movie going on in her mind. She will be a superstar one day and hopefully support her momma and daddy.
Daddy: our daddy is doing great. He's running himself around doing the job of two parents. He says he's ready for me to be in AR. Truth be told, I don't think its because he misses me, I think its because he needs a 2nd set of hands!
And me: I've had quite a bit going on myself. As most of you know I was a weather forecaster when I was in the Air Force. Loved it. I will always be a weather nerd. :) I had a brainstorm that with all the weather presentations I have done and the lengthy education, I wondered what it would take to forecast on the news. So, I sent out emails to all the local channels with my resume. Guess what...I got a hit!
Ed Buckner of CBS Channel 11 emailed me back. What a nice man. Truly. Everyone in LR should watch Channel 11. He invited me to the station and I spent the afternoon helping him with that nights forecast and graphics. I had such a great time. I asked him what it would take for me to be considered for a position if one were available. He said my education/background was more than enough and he could teach me any camera work I might need. So, once I get a job in LR, I will try to meet with him at least once a week or so to get a resume tape together. They will be hiring a 4th forecaster sometime in the next year or so. I'm hoping by then I've wow'd them enough to be considered. We will see!
My other big news is I have been interviewing with a company in Little Rock for an Executive Assistant for a CEO. Great company...great job. I've made it to the final rounds and should know something by weeks end. My stomach is in knots knowing that this 2 year separation of our family could possibly end in the next month. What a relief it will be.
Anyone have any big plans for Thanksgiving? We are staying home (in Texas) and working on our house. Remind me next time we buy a fixer upper that we need to start one project at a time...we have about 20 started and very few finished. So while you are enjoying your time off this coming week just think of JD and I slathered in paint and boo boo's from all the construction/updating we will be doing. If you are bored...come join us. I won't hold my breath...but if you are good friends and family you will show up...I'm just sayin. :)
Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. OMG! That would be so awesome if you were on the news doing the weather. I know you would be so great at that. Everyone would love you and you are so beautiful! How wonderful Ed is going to groom you. WOW! I hope you get the Exec. Asst. job. Have you heard anything by now maybe???